BBC Radio 2's, "Whispering" Bob Harris:

"Wow, what a voice and what a guitar player! I can hear the influence of John Martyn and Bert Jansch in his playing."

Grammy winning Songwriter, Don Henry:

"He's a great songwritter, he reminds me of a young Stephen Stills."

The Unsigned Guide:

"The clarity and soothing soul of James's voice is what really makes you sit up and pay attention." 

Devide And Conquer:

"Sold As Scene, is a wonder... anyone with ears will love this EP." 

The Story So Far

I'm the self taught, play-by-ear kind of musician and songwriter. I started my musical journey at a very young age. I was raised in a large, Irish family of musicians and performers. As a kid, gathering at a relatives house to sing and entertain each other was so frequent that I was convinced it was a compulsory ritual. From that exposure I learned guitar pretty quickly and had started to tinker on the piano and drums.  Writing my own music started in my teens when I formed an indie-rock  band with close friend, Richard Tomlinson, who went on to achieve commercial success and acclaim under the pseudonym, Voice Of The Seven Woods/Thunders.

After a break for education, I returned to music with new found influence in Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Wilco, Jim O’Rourke, Big Star and Teenage Fanclub and I spent the latter part of my 20s writing, recording and touring. I picked up some pretty cool support slots along the way with the highlights being, Nick Harper (son of Roy Harper), The Magic Numbers, Mark Morriss (The Bluetones), Hurray For The Riff Raff, The Wooden Sky and Evening Hymns. 

My debut EP, Sold As Scene, was released in 2014 to an overwhelming response from independent music reviewers in their magazines and online blogs, so for that, I give thanks to: The Even Ground, The Unsigned Guide, Manchester City Life, Liverpool Acoustic and United Artists. It also received love and support from several radio stations around the world including, 2SER (AU), KBYD (US), Scrub Radio (US), Lonely Oak Radio (US), ALL FM (UK), FAB Radio (UK), Bolton FM (UK), RKC (FR), Last FM and Amazing Radio. Special recognition goes to, My Random Jukebox, Sideways Through Sound and Sock Pop for repeated shouts, plays and support, and to Real XS (FM), for featuring the EP as their “future classic” record. 

September 2015 held the highlight of my career so far when I played at a songwriters work shop for a panel of mentors including Bob Harris, Jim Lauderdale and Grammy award winner, Don Henry. The touching feedback they gave on my music was truly inspirational and served to add more fuel to this fire.

2016 will see the release of my follow up to Sold As Scene - a yet to be named album currently in the post production stages.  Working again with friend, producer and songwriter Joe Rhead of Book Club Recordings, it is a build on the debut EP - a collection of songs dealing with similar themes on which we’ve begun to layer more instruments and unusual sounds to build atmosphere and textures. Creative influences include: The Beatles, Wilco, Calexico, Ryan Adams, Big Star, CS&N, George Harrison, The Kinks, Jeff Buckley, Neil Finn, Elliott Smith, Townes Van Zandt, Grizzly Bear; Blake Mills and Jonathan Wilson.

What else can you expect from the new album? All I can tell you at this moment is that, like all my music, it will be: sometimes dark, often melodic, but always honest.
James M Carson

The rest of this website is written in the third person - so sad.
Memorable Moments
Wowing, Bob Harris and a panel of award winning songwriters at the Bluecoat.
Supporting personal hero, Mark Morris - The Bluetones, lead singer.
Featured as a "Future Classic Artist" on UK radio station - Real XS FM.
In 2015, the famous, Bluebird Cafe of Nashville came to The Bluecoat in Liverpool to host a workshop for local songwriters.  James, was hand picked to perform to a panel of BBC R2's -Bob Harris, Bluebird Cafe owner -Erika Wollam Nichols, Grammy Award winning songwriting team - Don Henry and Kim Richey and renowned Nashville artists - Jim Lauderdale and Andrea Davidson. James stunned the panel with his songwriting ability and his performance on tha day was met with great acclaim.
Summer 2014 saw the realease of Carson's first studio recording. A five track EP titled, Sold As Scene. It was met with enthusiacstic reposnse and gained airplay accross the world, including radio stations in Australia and USA. Following a number of positive reviews from UK based music bloggers and repeat plays on independent UK radio stations, the EP was picked up by Real XS Radio FM, who featured James as a "Future Classic Artist" and played the single release "Nothing Is Lost' several times throughout their prime time evening show.
In 2014, James was chosen to provide main support to Mark Morris - lead singer and songwriter of 90s, chart topping,  Brit-Rock band, The Bluetones. As a teenager in that decade and a fan of all things indie, James was overjoyed to meet one of his personal heros of that era and to share a stage with an artist directly responsible for inspiring James to pick up the guitar and start his music career.